From the City of Pittsburgh, PA, Vaig is a talented and versatile artist who says he wants to "be the voice that helps motivate you through music". He has been putting in work since his debut album "Fall to Rise" was released and has been pushing ever since. Not only has Vaig released music of his own, he has also given his talents to other artist projects as well. With a goal to reach the masses with his music you can catch Vaig in the studio creating new music or performing live on stage in and outside of Pittsburgh
Vaig has previously released 3 records that have all reached #1 in heavy rotation on San Jose's 90.5. His music has been featured on, DJ Booth,, The UK’s Niji Magazine, HipHop Café as well as other blogs, websites, and online magazines. By networking and building relationships with DJs, Promoters, Blog, and Website Owners he has been able to keep his buzz going as an indie artist. This is in addition to releasing music that people have embraced. He is preparing to release his new album "True To My Word" and His singles "Yea Right" and “GLIDE” are already gaining momentum. An enthusiastic Vaig says, “I’ve learned whatever you do as an artist, don’t stop the music. It’s the life of everything that you are. I’m very comfortable with taking risk and being myself and I believe that people can tell when you’re being genuine or if something’s forced. When they know you are being real with them, and yourself, they reward you with their approval. I’m making the music I love and I’m having a lot of fun in the process”, so with that being said stay tuned for more Vaig.

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