Artists On Promo

Vee Boi Baby

Vee Boi Baby has become known as the “Fresh breeze to hip-hop” with his lyrical wordplay and entertainment of not only just a MC artist, but something exciting hip-hop hasn’t seen in awhile from the flashy dancing which MC Hammer brought in the 90′s. Born in St. Louis the show me state, showing you is all about Vee’s character, raised in Iowa then landed in North Carolina

Matthew Martino

From a young age harmony and music intrigued Matthew , thus despite his varied career choices and busy lifestyle he still made time for music . Famously known for acting and modelling Matthew is known for adding a 'musical touch' to every act or scene he performs.

Jay Vinchi

Jay Vinchi is an artist with a unique sound and some unique inspiration. Following the passion of music from a young age Jay has continually moved forward and advanced his style. After being contacted by a private A&R Firm he has gone independent in the professional sector of music and is releasing his debut single "Everything" alongside his debut mixtape "Reality" in August 2014.


North Carolina rap Duo" 3RD DEGREE MOB" is comprised of childhood friends Michael “Mike Bandz Lyles and Demarcus Louie G Andrews, have developed their craft for the past Ten years and in the process, became the cornerstone of the hip-hop movement in their hometown of Winston-Salem.Now the rhyme duo is hoping to make a global impact as represented by their new single My Momma...