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Sara Ianni

I'm a singer/song writer. MUSIC is what i love and do, i been singing from the age of 5 it has been my forte since birth. It would be a desire to be able to spread my talents to the world. I have powerful feelings and emotions! I'm loyal smart and very imaginative.I'm very secretive about my true feelings & wherever possible I try and keep them in check.


I have loved hip hop music every since I can remember. But it wasn't just hip hop I fell in love with. I fell in love with music as a whole.All genres and all styles. From gospel, to country to hip hop to rock, all of it has played a major role in the type of music I both write and produce.


Smashing it on SB:TV right about now is the latest video from Brum's young mic-master MDR, and with 10,000 hits in a week 'Country Life' is already bringing a farm fresh vibe to the streets worldwide straight from the Wild West Midlands. With his unique transatlantic flow and super-catchy hooks the star of hood hits like ‘Rift’,


Plenty of Hip-Hop artists are out there, but not all of them have not been able to gain the success that they wanted or deserved. Out of all the Hip-Hop artists in the world, BODIESEL can be considered as one of the top. He currently resides in Eugene, OR and the 28 year old artist has gained a fast reputation of ...